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One Nation Under God

This timely album was in the making for more than a year, and their original song, "She's More Than Just Another Flag," is a stirring patriotic number that is destined to become a classic. This is a "God and country" album that will have you singing along, grateful to be an American.

Song List:
  1. She's More Than Just Another Flag
  2. America The Beautiful
  3. My Country 'Tis Of Thee / This Land Is Your Land
  4. God Bless America
  5. Star Spangled Banner
  6. I'd Rather Have Jesus
  7. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  8. Holy, Holy, Holy
  9. Farther Along / By And By
  10. Near The Cross
  11. Wayfaring Stranger

Song Samples:
RealMedia: She's More Than Just Another Flag
RealMedia: Holy, Holy, Holy

MP3: She's More Than Just Another Flag
MP3: Holy, Holy, Holy

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