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"When I was a little boy, I spent many an hour watching Roy Rogers ride Trigger all over the prairies and mountains of the silver screen. That left a definite impression on me. I grew up showing horses, and learned how to play the organ when I was a teenager. That combination led me into providing music at horse shows in the northwest Missouri area where I lived.

I added the guitar and trumpet to my act, and became known as "The One Man Band." When Cheryl and I married, we toured for several years with the Loretta Lynn Rodeo Company whose home base was in Nashville. I've always had a desire to 'play and sing' while riding a Palomino horse, thanks to those early years watching Roy, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision being able to do that with my two sons. What a blessing!"

Birthdate: August 9

"People often ask how can we play instruments and ride at the same time. I started doing that when I was nine years old, so I thought it was normal.

My brother Jorgen and I grew up with a Shetland pony by the name of 'Toby,' and an old white gelding by the name of 'Kermit.' Other than music lessons, Mom and Dad saw to it that we watched the old western videos, rather than what was on television, so Jorgen and I usually wound up jumping on Kermit and Toby and re-enacting the good guys/bad guys scenes. Riding under trees, swinging from the limbs, and roping each other has probably helped us prepare for 'riding and singing' from horseback!"

Birthdate 1/18/80


Keith grew up in the Nashville, TN, area, and has been a friend of Jorgen and Zach since all were youngsters. He also had the advantage of traveling, but did so world wide with his father who is a well known evangelist.

The wide range of Keith's vocal talents and his soulful renditions made him a natural fit into the group, and he has honed his skills playing lead and bass guitar and singing during many of his father's evangelical meetings.

Keith and his wife, Megan, also make their home in the Nashville area.

Birthdate: 8/8/81

 Guys and their horses
Left to right:'Aztec' and Zach; Windsor the Wonder Horse' and George; 'Champ' and Jorgen.

The three trusty steeds that provide the mobile stage for 'America's Riding and Singing Cowboys' are 'Aztec,' 'Champ,' and 'Windsor the Wonder Horse.' The geldings are registered Quarter Horses and also registered Palominos, and started with "The Sons" as two and three year olds. 'Are they related?' is the most commonly asked question. They are not. Windsor, foaled in 1985, is from Ohio; Aztec, foaled in 1986, is from New Mexico; and Champ, foaled in 1987, is from Texas.

 The Sons of Tennessee with Roy Rogers, Jr.
Left to Right: Keith, George, Roy Rogers, Jr, and Zach on stage at the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri

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