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Over the past 15 years we have tried several different wireless systems, but the AKG system we have now is the best ever. The clarity is just like using a wired microphone, plus AKG makes it easy to find the channels that are not being used... even in locations with many other wireless users.

The readout on the transmitters that show you how many hours of usage are left in the battery packs is also a great feature. And speaking of batteries, we are saving hundreds of dollars a year by using the AKG rechargeable system. We only use batteries for emergencies, like when someone forgets to put their unit on the charger after 10 to 12 hours of use.

Until now, performing in locations the size of several football fields has been a real challenge because of signal dropouts. AKG has solved that problem for us with their quality equipment and unique antenna system.

Zach has used AKG microphones for several years in his recording studio where we produce our albums. Now we are using AKG WIRELESS for our live shows and are thrilled with the sound.

Give them a try and you'll be a believer too!

To visit the AKG website click here or go to

If you would like more information or want to purchase any AKG product, Zach's company Sound Resources Productions is an authorized dealer and he will be glad to help you with your selection of equipment and will be able to save you money on your purchase. Click here to send Zach an Email

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