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The West Is A Cowboy's Home

Five of the selections on this album were made famous by the Sons Of The Pioneers. Four of the songs are originals, including An American Hero, which was written by Jorgen. The well known Auctioneer is treated to three part harmony, Western style!

Song List:
  1. The West Is A Cowboy's Home
  2. Underneath A Western Sky
  3. Canyon del Diablo
  4. Everlasting Hils Of Oklahoma
  5. Wagons West
  6. The Auctioneer
  7. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
  8. Drifter
  9. Cowboy Jubilee
  10. Ridin Down The Canyon
  11. Song Of The Bandit
  12. An American Hero

Song Samples:
RealMedia: The West Is A Cowboy's Home
RealMedia: The Auctioneer

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